On a mission to help eliminate the epidemic of Disease & Obesity.

A Gift of Health especially for you!

This is about building people from the inside out.

Inspiration to live a better quality of life.

Helping people from all walks of life to know there is a better way to live a healthier life.

You only live once and when you lose your health you lose it all.

Don’t be like the Many that spend their HEALTH to gain WEALTH, and then they have to… spend their Wealth to regain their Health”

Don’t wait until its too late. I’m a baby boomer and feel the best ever with energy all day to go about my daily life.

Terry Canto has partnered with  Total Life Changes as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and maintains an active vision of selecting and providing superior products that have a lasting effect on consumer’s health while providing these same customers with an opportunity to CHANGE their socioeconomic status through a rewarding binary compensation plan.

Tens of thousands of people have already benefited from our signature line of Iaso™ Weight-loss and Skin Care products and are well on their way to sustaining a permanent secondary income. TLC will continue to deliver quality products matched with a resilient support team to help you every step of the way.

Terry (Teresa) Canto
International Executive Director
Independent Business Owner #6073071
Se habla Espanol
305 394-3037 text ok
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“You don’t build a business –you build people– and then people build the business”
“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
Join me on this mission and together we can start living a better life!
And if we can change just one life each, life is so much sweeter when we can inspire someone to do better.
Lose weight look great

Before & after only 27 days without any exercises.


We have hit amazing heights in these past few years. Total Life Changes has crossed borders and landed in boundaries across the globe. As our line of Iaso™ products continue to grow, so too do the relationships with TLC reps from all walks of life.

With offices in eight different countries, it’s no wonder that TLC members’ success rates continue to evolve. We have a dynamic culturally-diverse customer support team with knowledgeable leadership. That’s a formula for making lasting relationships. We look forward to meeting you too!


The second facet of Total Life Changes is Jack’s mission to provide an OPPORTUNITY for others to flourish financially, instead of relying on others to help provide for their families. Jack’s background in Network Marketing has resulted in a unique approach that allows active reps to earn commissions from wholesale distributors AND retail customers in addition to qualifying for supplementary bonuses.

Jack executed an extensive search for an individual to implement his business model and propel TLC and its products toward broader markets. CHANGE took place in 2010 when Armand Puyolt was named TLC’s President. Armand has made tremendous contributions to the success and growth of Total Life Changes. His background and experience in marketing and product distribution dates back some 20 years. Armand’s dedication and expertise in providing OPPORTUNITY for others is a large part of TLC’s success.