Learn to earn 5-6 Figures per month at home

How You Can earn 5 to 6 figures per month and become a top Producer in any market or product

How you can earn 5-6 figures per month and become a Top Producer  in any market or product boils down to one thing, and one thing only.

Its YOU! Your Belief in yourself, its having a burning desire that you are going to win no matter what!

No matter how many people tell you that you are NOT capable of anything in your life. You need to NOT listen to those people.

Those are usually the ones that never do anything with their life’s but always seem to criticize those that do.

It could also be a over protective family member, someone that doesn’t want to see you hurt. At the same time they are holding you back.

We need to grow and learn new things, new ways to do things, you need to always be learning.

we learn from our hard times, our mistakes, our haters.

I love this quote from one of my favorite mentors:

“Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn—and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”
Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book changed me, changed the way of my thinking. It helped me realize that I was full of ego.

I started applying the lessons learned and started to see the changes in me, the change in how people would treat me.

The next one is Your Attitude , your attitude on life. Do you have a stinking attitude? Do you play the victim? Take responsibility for your actions and don’t blame anyone for things that happen to you. Nobody wants to have a friend with an attitude, much less a customer or a client.  People can see right thru you. Be truthful with yourself first and others will follow.

However, its directly related with how you react to the following.

THE 3 R”s.

The RAPPORT you create with people, the RESPONSIVENESS and the RELATIONSHIPS.

And its all in our Top Producer Formula.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling vacuum cleaners, TV’s, your cleaning services, cars, bibles, houses…..it doesn’t matter.

Its the way you approach yourself and how you carry your day.

its easy to do and has been done before. Its the difference between the 2% of the people that get.

Most people don’t while others are raking in the dough. Have you notice that is a very small group of people that always seems to sell the most.

The same people always seem to win the contests and the challenges. It has nothing to do with the product.

You Are The Product!

It’s easy to start, go right now and purchase the Top Producer Formula.

Cclick on the link below and start working towards your dreams.

Buy the Top Producer Now and start seeing and feeling the changes in YOU!



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Tips on home based business

Tips for smart home base Business owners

Smart home base business owners are working online.

There are numerous advantages to having a home based business and working from home online makes it even sweeter.

The freedom to be with your family and friends whenever you want, wherever you want is priceless.

-You can work from home or anywhere you have Internet.
-There is a usually a minimum start up costs, not like a franchise that would require you to invest large sums of money
-Tax savings, you’re elegible for tax deductions and write offs, now this item is very important. These are expenses you might already have, however without a business you are not eligible to deduct. Like the saying goes, “It doesn’t matter how much you make, its what you Keep that matters”. Don’t over pay on taxes.

-You must run your business like a business and document your expenses.

Its crazy NOT to have a home based business in this economy. Get in business for yourself.

You can have excuses or you can have results, you decide.

Imagine what would you do with the extra time?

No more stressing out from traffic, no time card or clock to punch, no need to be waking up to an alarm clock.

Just imagine the person you will become? Are you going to finally lose the weight you said you would?

Are you going to start enjoying the garden, plant those flowers, cook your own meals?

Wake up and go to bed whenever you feel like it, of course, within reason, don’t expect this to be easy. Just like in anything worth pursuing, you do need to work at it and be lasered focus and committed to yourself to learning the skills that it takes to be successful from home.

You ask yourself: What kind of business do I start? That depends on you and your passion, your passion becomes your niche.

Your passion has a story to tell. The more time you start feeding your mind and body with good nutrition, your story becomes better. Your are your story, you determine your outcome by designing your life, your world, your economy.

Smart home base business owners keep up with their motivation and inspirations by joining the like minded people in their pursuit of creating their own economy!

You can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. start by listening to the people that can help you.

Listen to one of the mentors that have impacted my life in more ways than one.

Click here to start impacting your life>>


“You don’t get in life what you want, You get what you are” – Les Brown


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Follow your Passion and you will never have to work again.

Can you see yourself doing what you are doing right now for the rest of your life?

Follow your Passion and you will never have to work again.

How to choose a job you LOVE

Are you serious about that?

Do  you love your job?

Do  you follow your heart & soul?

Stop making decisions based on what’s in your bank account.

Do what’s in your heart…as that is the secret to life.

You must live your passion, tell your story, share it with others.

Your life changes with every person you inspire.

This is the wisdom from one of our Monday Night Calls.

Where my friend pours her heart out with her stories.

18 months ago she was an alcoholic that had no control over her life

until she went to her first event. Her life was influenced and impacted in a meaningful way.

She decided she wanted to change….and her life change when she believed in herself.

Only you must want to change…for life to change.

If you want different results…you need to take different actions.

and if your goal seems to far to reach, adjust your actions.

Become All In…that means mentally, heart & soul.

Give it all, be there for you. Do it,

Don’t think about the monetary aspect for once.

And do what ever it takes to get all in.

All in mentally, with heart & soul, and if not do not get all in.

Adjust your actions if the goal seems too far to reach.
Remember, if you want different results you need to take different actions.
do it, make it , bring it.

8 simple steps to impact and influence your life.
consistent action produces results.

In conclusion,

Can you really see yourself doing what you are doing right now for the rest of your life?

I’m not sure if this would be for you or not, but I think you should get the information so you can

capitalize on the skills.

The skills 5-6-7 figure earners have in common.

You’re either in or out,  you must have more desire to succeed.
Just jump in, everything you want in life is on the other side of fear.
Getting over is a mindset. live your passion, share your passion. ‘
lives are transformed at events. every single person you touch.

With 8 simple steps to impact and influence your life.
Consistent action produces results.

I would love to meet you at our next event.

Get ALL IN and get ready to super head start.

Once you are ALL IN send me an email to start the training.

See you at the beaches of the world.


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Product Inner Circle Membership

Product Inner Circle Membership

Are you ready to be Empowered?

Are you ready to be Empowered? Listen to the Inner Circles.

Once upon a time there was a young man driving home from work that had supplies in his car to kill himself when he got home. Somehow the universe aligned in a way that instead of getting a smooth trip back to his house, he got majorly stuck in traffic.

“Why don’t I just pop in this Inner Circle audio?”   He mumbled to himself.

The speaker on this particular audio said something that struck this young man to the very core. Scott Warner, the young man in this story, decided that day that he had a greater purpose, and that life is worth living because of something that he heard in his Inner Circle audio.


His Inner Circle Membership Empowered
His Life

The Inner Circle products not only give so much information, but uplifts me mentally and emotionally. I enjoy the convenience of listening to the audios in my MP3 player wherever I go.
Warning: Do not listen to audios while driving. You will have the overwhelming urge to woop and holler and make other folks wonder if you lost your marbles… I know by personal experience

“So what exactly is the Inner Circle Membership?”
The answer to this is simple. The Inner Circle Membership is “Mindset Training.”

The Inner Circle is a collection of audios put together by successful entrepreneurs, to help you put positivity into your brain in your down time. They are meant to be listened to while you are in your car (like Scott was), or jogging, cleaning the house, exercising, or just about anything else you can think of.

This product experience that Lisa had is very normal with the Inner Circle. This is what your Inner Circle Membership will do for you…


Click HERE to JOIN NOW<<<


Why You Will LOVE Your Inner Circle


  • Mindset Training

    Your mind will expand, and you will begin to believe in yourself again as you consistently listen to the Inner Circle audios.

  • Marketing Training

    You won’t just get “gold nuggets” of marketing training when you listen to the audios daily, but the Inner Circle will give you “Gold Bars.” The people in the interviews are achieving extraordinary results, and they tell you exactly how they are getting those results through their stories.

  • Daily Inspiration

    As you listen to your Inner Circle audios daily, you will be inspired by the success of others, and understand that you too can reach your goals and dreams.

  • Entertainment

    The stories of the entrepreneurs in the Inner Circle will inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry, and empower you to be the best you can be.

If you are looking to enter the Inner Circle Mastermind click here to join today.

Click Here to Join, NOW


Listen to What People are

The Inner Circle is awesome I am working at a full commission basis job. After implementing the lessons and mindset shift taught in the Inner Circle my sales increase significantly… What was taught in the Inner Circle can be use in empower network, sales, self improvement, relationship and a lot more. The things you learn in the Inner Circle will change your life forever.. I repeat FOREVER.
Daniel Ker Jian Min
Whenever the creeping doubts pop into my mind, I crank up a inner circle audio….Not only do the creeping doubts leave, but I get inspired to take action so I can continue to move forward in my life, instead of just sitting around feeling sorry for myself.
George Briere
The Inner Circle audios are food for the soul. Taking my daily walk listening to those makes me so enthusiastic that I have to be careful not to look insane in the middle of the road.
ML Mitch Brillion
The Inner Circles Audios are my life and sanity saver.I listen to them almost all day while I’m at my j-o-b so I can block out the negativity I am surrounded by. It has made me realize that I was bringing that negativity home with me and infecting my family with it. I no longer allow it.I listen while I’m blogging, I listen in the car and I listen at my desk. I even have my kids listen. There are so many uplifting and ispirational stories to hear, absorb and learn from – I can’t get enough.
Maureen Cioni
I have suffered from depression since I was 15 years old. I was at the lowest point in November of 2012. I had actually started discussions with my husband about being hospitalized… and then I joined Empower around the same time. I upgraded to Inner Circle in December 2012 and have listened to one audio every time I listen to them.For the entire year of 2013 I have felt better, have NOT spent one day in bed and have no symptoms of the depression I was so used to. Thank you David Sharpe and David Wood for creating the Inner Circle. I don’t have to have my kids or my husband worrying about me anymore
Amber Fox
I went through the Inner Circle and I was blown away. The very same day that I upgraded to the Inner Circle my income increased 150%! AWESOME!Gotta be honest though… initially, I thought this was just going to be another product that was all fluff and on-the-surface training about making money, but i was wrong. I learned more about myself and marketing in the Inner Circle than I ever did getting my 4 year B.Com degree! Compared to the 10k I paid for college in India, this product is a steal for a measly hundie ($100).
Sohan Gokarn
The Inner Circle audios have transformed my life. After listening to people from all walks of life having the success I wanted, I realized that I’m the only one that has ever kept me from reaching my goals.Every time I re-listen to an audio, I learn something I didn’t catch the first time. These audio trainings stick with you, they inspire you, they make you look at life from a completely different perspective and they help you step outside your comfort zone with the courage to make choices that will help move you toward your goals.
Samantha Studebaker-Carl


The life lessons that you will learn from your Inner Circle Membership will help you in every aspect of your life. These audios will help with your mindset, and encourage positivity.

Listening to them daily may help you sell more products in any business or job that you are in. Everyone’s story will be different, but as you can see the Inner Circle has enhanced lives and helped people create more sales.

Even though more commissions have been earned by EN affiliates for marketing the Inner Circle than any other product, the fact that it provides daily inspiration to the masses is worth a lot more than money.

Get your Inner Circle Membership

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Create your fortune with Residual Income

How to do Daily And Consistent Baby Steps Towards Reaching Your Highest Potential

What Steps Are You Taking Today to reach your highest potential?

have you ever asked yourself this question?

What daily and consistent baby steps towards reaching your highest potential have you started doing, or have ever done?

Are you truly consistent? This is not a trick question.

Nor is there a test? The results you get are “Your Life”, getting to your highest potential requires courage.

Do you think its worth it, or you plan on living the 40-40-40 plan for the rest of your life?

It all starts out as… baby steps.

You had to learn to crawl before you walked. You had to learn the ABC’s before you write and read. Unless your were a genius, which I know I certainly wasn’t. I knew I had to find another way to learn about many different subjects that I was not learning in school.

I would always hear ” Make sure you get good grades, to be able to get a good Job”. I’m sure you’ve heard it more than you ever wanted.

I considered myself a good student and was eager to learn and start working a job to be able to pay my bills, food and anything that I wanted.

I was preparing myself for the corporate world.

I started on the 40-40-40 plan.

That’s were you work 40 hours a week.
for $40,000 a year for 40 years.

Well, that quickly became very boring and not enough money to do the things I wanted to do. I ended up getting another job as a part time to make things meet.

Well, by the time you work 60 hours a week you are dead tired and without energy to do anything. No time to be with friends or family. No time for yourself, creating more stress on yourself and your health starts to take a tow on you. Not to mention the weight you put on for not eating or resting properly. Its only a matter of time before it can explode into many different areas of your life and it did for me.

Until I started reading self help books, such as communicating better with people, I started getting promotions at work withoug even asking for it. I started going the extra mile, I started wanted to be more than I was told I can be. I didn’t like the 40-40-40. I saw too many older people in the grocery stores as baggers or greeters.

I thought to myself I don’t want to end up that way. I am going to work my butt off on improving myself, improving my communicatins skills, to make sure I don’t end up broke like most people at the age of 65.   So I Knew there had to be a better way.

How do you travel on $40k a year?

and then I wondered what’s next? Is that all I can make?

You mean I need to work….yeah…work for the rest of my life for somebody else.

That’s when I started seeking alternatives to what our schools teach us and prepare us for the corporate jobs.

I quickly learned that the work “Impossible” meant Im possible, and its wall within.

I’m possible to do what I want to do when I want to do it,

if I follow my inner voice to obtain my dreams and desires.

In todays world it translates to the Inner Circle to your best and highest use of your life skills.

The “Inner Circle” is for people who know there is a better way and they are willing to go after it.

What do you listen to on a daily basis?

Self Education is the best thing you can do for your life.

Start here to listen to the Inner Circle to start with your self education.

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